Traditional Engadine House In The Swiss Alps Seeks $3.8 Million

Engadine-style houses have a unshared architectural giveaway – their decorated exteriors.

In wing to the playful scrolling – known as sgraffito – the homes are moreover distinguished by their massive walls, deep set funnel-shaped windows and gabled rooflines.

This two-home property in the village of Bergun/Bravuogn in eastern Switzerland dates to 1603. Updated for trendy living during wide-stretching renovations well-nigh a decade ago, the traditional Engadine main house offers all the modern suavities while maintaining and preserving its pure character.

The decorative details on the main house depict faux columns and window dressing. A thick wreath unreceptive to crown molding follows the roofline directly under the deep eaves.

Because the windows are inset, the shutters point out at an wile rather than lying well-to-do with the walls.

The main house was enlarged to 297 square meters, or nearly 3,200 square feet, by transforming the old stables into a loft space.

A tiled stove and wooden doors are among pure period features on the ground floor, which includes a raised living room and an open-concept kitchen and dining room.

Wood is used extensively in the interiors on the walls, ceilings, built-ins and floors – plane in modernized rooms such as the bathroom, which has a heated towel rack.

A wide protuberant door opens to the roomy basement, which contains flipside 190 square meters, or increasingly than 2,000 square feet, of space.

The wedding of old and new continues in the guest house, which adds flipside 100 square meters, or nearly 1,100 square feet, of living space. The guest quarters can house up to 4 visitors.

Between both homes there are a total of eight bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Aurore Lucido of FGP Swiss & Alps is the listing wage-earner for the property, which is offered at CHF 3.4 million or well-nigh US $3.728 million.

Hiking and cycling are popular activities in the Bergun/Bravuogn area, known for its scenic beauty. The 1952 mucosa “Heidi” was shot in the vicinity.

There’s a local museum documenting the history of the railway line that serves the village. A sledding run that draws visitors in the winter.

FGP Swiss & Alps is a founding member of Forbes Global Properties, a consumer marketplace and membership network of peerage brokerages selling the world’s most luxurious homes.

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