10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home In 2022

As 2022 begins, the real manor market is still going strong. Many of us have moved into a new home or are planning to sell our current one. So, there isn’t a largest time than now to consider what features and renovations can maximize property value both in the long and short term.

I spoke with a variety of experts from interior designers to real manor teachers and brokers to learn what’s currently well-flavored to homeowners and buyers. From specific spaces in the home that have wilt essential to the small details that make a big difference, here are ten ways to add value to your home in 2022.

Additional Dwelling Units

Additional Dwelling Units or ADUs have wilt incredibly useful and popular during the pandemic considering they provide spaces for people to work yonder from kids and other members of the family, for in-laws and other visitors to stay, and if need be, as a Covid quarantine space. 

ADUs can moreover be a source of income for homeowners. Founder of Sweeten, Jean Brownhill tells me the trend of ADUs will be picking up steam in 2022. “These small, self-contained units, separate from the main single-family home, can be built from scratch or transformed from an existing underused garage. Growing uses for these structures include a home office, a studio apartment, or short-term rental. ADUs remain popular for their worthiness to increase property values.”

Updated Kitchens And Bathrooms

Renovating a kitchen or washroom is a unconfined way to instantly increase the value of a home, equal to Christopher Peacock, Founder and CEO of Christopher Peacock. However, it’s important to segregate quality materials considering cabinetry in particular is subject to a unconfined deal of wear and tear. “Without question, renovating a kitchen or suffuse space with well-made, quality cabinetry will unchangingly add value to a home,” he says.

The right diamond moreover maximizes value. “The kitchen, stuff the heart of the home, has wilt an plane increasingly important full-length this year. In 2022, increasingly robust kitchen designs will protract to be an important resurgence trend,” explains Peti Lau of the New York Diamond Center.


Any type of uneaten storage, whether it’s a farmhouse shed, a beautifully designed walk-in closet in the master bedroom, or a pantry in a municipality suite can increase the value. It’s moreover a smart upgrade that won’t be falling out of favor any time soon. “A full-length I think will add value in 2022 is an often underappreciated pantry closet. 2021 and 2022 taught us that vastitude storage for clothing, we all need increasingly storage than we think for living supplies— think uneaten shelf-stable food, paper towels, and Covid tests,” says real manor wage-earner Allison Chiaramonte.

“Even in New York City, the land of takeout and grocery stores on every corner, clients are now asking for and valuing increasingly utilitarian storage spaces in their apartments and homes. Also, increasingly and increasingly people are cooking at home, meaning space for these supplies is at a premium.”

Chiaramonte has noticed buyers that buyers are truly excited by the idea that they can have their own pantry. “No matter whether it is a windowless room too small to be an office or a gym or an unused/extra stratify closet that has been repurposed. Any uneaten nook or space can be transformed into a formal pantry— just install some shelving.”

Gerard Splendore, a broker at Warburg Realty tells me that the buyers he’s been working with moreover value these types of spaces considering they facilitate zillion purchasing. “Buying in zillion prevents frequent trips to the store, preventing potential exposure to Covid. Should the next wave protract to grow, storage for paper goods and non-perishables will wilt increasingly valuable.”

Dedicated Home Offices

While many of us have been hoping for life to get when to normal, the days of working nine to five in the office aren’t exactly here again. Many companies have moreover gone to a hybrid model, requiring employees to go in just a few days per week. So, a home office is still essential in 2002 and likely will be for years to come. “Almost two years since the pandemic began, many of us have spent so much time at home that living and working spaces can no longer be distinguished, leading to the re-emergence of the home office as people re-evaluate how and where they spend their time,” explain Thomas Hickey and Edward Yedid of Grade New York

However, fostering productivity is essential. “Dedicated home office spaces or studies are one solution to this challenge, permitting increasingly focused and efficient time yonder from the office. These are real environments that are conducive to work, but are moreover chic, thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing and whilom all comfortable. The new home office might have a bar, an en-suite bath, and plane art, and provide a sophisticated scenery and privacy for video calls with suavities just steps yonder to indulge for uninterrupted focus.”

Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces, expressly in cities like New York, where most people don’t have their own backyards have rhadamanthine increasingly popular to buyers. “In this Covid age, I think it is very important to homeowners to have an outdoor space. Whether that be towers a new patio or revamping a terrace with a tearoom table and chairs, I think this is something buyers will protract to prioritize when looking for a new home. As we protract to navigate this new normal, it is valuable to have these spaces to be worldly-wise to safely gather with loved ones,” says interior designer Jennifer Hunter.

Wellness Spaces And Home Gyms

“Wellness is now the most important request to add value to a home,” Renata Vasconez, Partner IG Workshop Miami tells me. “Spa-like master bathrooms and well-equipped Home gyms that include luxurious materials [should have] top-of-the-line equipment. These spaces are meant to requite the vendee the seclusion and privacy they desire. We’ve seen a rise in companies that provide products that meet these standards, both in bathware and moreover lines of beautifully designed gym equipment, to cater to scrutinizingly any activity.”

Broker Cecilia Serrano of Warburg Realty has moreover seen this trend in New York. “People are rhadamanthine increasingly interested in keeping fit and moreover spending a lot of their time working from home. Perhaps a pleasant, quiet zone to think and meditate in is moreover great.”

Multipurpose Spaces

Multipurpose spaces that requite homeowners flexibility moreover have request and can increase value. Mihal Gartenberg, an wage-earner for Warburg Realty tells me, “Covid has reverted how people interact with their homes. Open-concept floor plans, while popular and inviting, have been at the forefront of challenging work and school from home. It would be a unconfined idea to find how to whittle out a niche in your home that can double as a home office or a schoolroom for your children’s online learning.” 

Laundry Rooms

Everyone needs wipe suit and having the space to do laundry can add value to your home. Having a sink, line for hanging delicates, a table for folding, and shelves for all the plumbing ameliorates this often daily task. “Well-outfitted laundry rooms will be at the top of the list withal with a well-thought-out location. Outfitting it with organization and storage and in a user-friendly location will make a big impact,” says Brownhill.

While most New York Municipality apartments don’t have space for a secure laundry room, oftentimes a closet or a washer and dryer anywhere in the suite will suffice, equal to Splendore “Buyers are moreover looking for in-unit laundry facilities to prevent sharing washers and dryers with neighbors, as well as exposure to neighbors.”

Authentic Sustainability

While sustainability is a major trend we will see in 2002, Lotta Lundaas, Founder and CEO of Norse Interiors is a proponent of pure sustainability. “I will maintain my focus on pure sustainability and find a new use for old furniture and décor. To add value, I’ll be putting in natural hardwood floors in my home, which can be refinished with time and is an spanking-new way to revive the whole space in one go.” 

Fine Architectural Details

Leigh Lincoln, co-founder, Pure Salt Interiors believes subtracting architectural details can make a home increasingly valuable in the upcoming year. “We are big lovers of subtracting architectural features to whinge up style and make your home squint and finger increasingly custom. Think protuberant built-ins or doorways, Venetian plaster on range hoods or fireplaces, or millwork in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. The idea is to take a builder-grade space and lay on the recreate with timeless accents that will add value to your home for years to come.”

Jeremy Kamm, an wage-earner for Warburg Realty, tells me stylish ceiling fans are a unconfined example of this “The increasingly time we spend in our homes as a result of the pandemic, the increasingly we need uneaten comforts. Nevertheless, many of us still would not want to compromise the integrity of our designs and philosophy for the sake of functionality, so our diamond and function implementations need to exist in symbiosis. I have found many buyers looking for originative ceiling fans in rooms for widow air wastage throughout the day. It’s a full-length that many scuttlebutt that they will install if it does not once exist— higher ceilings, therefore come with the territory for a often airier overall feeling.”

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