5×7 Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown: A Complete Guide

With the worthiness to be a full 3-piece washroom with a small footprint, a 5×7 washroom can be a unconfined windfall to any home. However, you may finger like the space is not functional, outdated, and in drastic need of a refresh. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to remodel your 5×7 bathroom. You may be asking yourself, how much does this cost? How long does it take to remodel a bathroom? Where do I plane begin? Whether you’re looking for a price breakdown, remodel recommendation, or remodel timelines, this guide will unravel lanugo everything you need to know well-nigh a 5×7 washroom remodel.

5×7 Washroom remodel forfeit overview 

The forfeit of a 5×7 washroom remodel can vary depending on how small or large you want the upgrade to be. When it comes to pricing, it really depends on the market; a 5×7 washroom remodel in Cleveland, OH will likely differ from the same type of remodel in El Paso, TX. To requite you a unstipulated idea, the national stereotype of a small washroom remodel is $6,500. However, some homeowners have been worldly-wise to remodel their washroom for a much increasingly modest upkeep of $1,500. For a remodel that includes reworking plumbing, rewiring electric, and ordering the most high-end finishes, the price tag could be as upper as $15,000 or more. 

Keep in mind that if you rent a professional for your remodel, that will worth for a large portion of your budget. Labor will usually forfeit well-nigh $50 – $80 dollars an hour and can fluctuate depending on where you live, the size of the project, or the complexity of the remodel. To get an well-judged estimate, it is weightier to reach out to a contractor and get a personalized quote.

Variable costs

It’s important to remember that no two houses are the same and there are several factors that can contribute to a higher final forfeit than you were expecting. A few things that might transpiration the value of your remodel are:

  • Location- Remodeling a washroom on the first floor will be less expensive than remodeling on higher floors of your home. 
  • Pre-existing forfeiture – Once subversiveness begins, you may find that there is water damage, mold, asbestos, or other problems that will have to be addressed during the remodel.
  • Structural issues – If your remodel includes knocking lanugo a wall, you may find that the wall you wish to take lanugo is load-bearing. This ways it cannot be taken lanugo without subtracting new support systems.
  • Moving plumbing or electricity – If you are planning to completely transpiration the layout of your bathroom, you will likely need to consult a plumber and electrician to reroute the utilities. In some cases, rerouting the electric or pipes may not be possible.
  • Obtaining a permit – Depending on where your home is located, you may be required to obtain a permit surpassing you can uncork remodeling your bathroom. A permit can forfeit anywhere from $50 – $2,000, depending on how large your project is.

The whilom conditions are all things that you may encounter during your 5×7 washroom remodel. If these problems arise, you may need to find ways to save money or cut financing somewhere else so you don’t go over budget. Below are the ranges of worldwide washroom remodel items and their typical costs.

Common purchases Average cost Price range
Toilet $500 $90 – $1,500
Flooring $2.10 per square foot $1.82 – $2.39 per square foot
Sink  $178 $100-250
Lighting $150 per fixture $50 – $600 per fixture
Shower $500 $300 – $4,000
Vanity $1,500 $300 – $3,800
Countertops $25 per square foot $5 – $100 per square foot

*All financing are materials only and do not include the forfeit of installation

Where can you save and where should you spend 

To get the most out of your remodel, it’s important to know where you can save money and where it may be a good idea to splurge a little. Here are some remodel items that have unconfined high-quality, affordable options and some that are worth the money you spend on them.


  • Vanity – Bathroom vanities are essential to the functionality and organization of your bathroom. A high-end, custom vanity may sound nice, but there are many affordable options that squint just as great and are increasingly than half the price. 
  • Decor – Putting too much decor on the walls and countertops will make the room finger cluttered and messy. A simple soap dish and a small hanging picture will pension the room feeling modern and stylish while saving you money.
  • Flooring – The number of affordable flooring options has increased over the years. Many hardware stores now sell a variety of peel and stick tiles that plane beginners can install. These tiles are durable, budget-friendly, and they squint great. 
  • Countertops – You don’t have to have a marble countertop to make your washroom finger luxurious. There are affordable materials like Quartz or Laminate that provide a sturdy and sleek finish without spending a fortune.


  • Remodeling Professionals – You will never regret paying increasingly for good work. Hiring a trusted and experienced professional will ensure a stress-free and high-quality washroom remodel.
  • Toilets – A toilet is something you will use every day and is necessary for any home. The last thing you want is a toilet that breaks less than a year without your washroom is complete. Save yourself the future frustration and spend the money on a high-quality toilet. 
  • Lighting – A 5×7 washroom is once a little tight and the last thing you want is for your washroom to finger small and dark. Spending increasingly to add recessed lighting or a large light fixture will patina the whole space up and make the room increasingly inviting.
  • Shower – This is flipside item that is essential to any home and is worth spending money on. Choosing a high-quality shower will make the washroom squint increasingly luxurious and is a unconfined wing if you are looking for a upper return on investment. 

Modern bathroom

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

The time it takes to remodel a washroom will largely depend on how big the project is and if there are any unexpected circumstances that proffer the timeline. If everything runs smoothly the project can be completed in well-nigh 23 days, on average. Since most contractors do not work on the weekends, you can expect your washroom to take nearly 4 ½ weeks to wrap up in total. If you are simply renovating your washroom you can finish it in a single weekend, but if you want to completely gut your bathroom, expect the process to take much longer. 

Renovating vs. remodeling 

Renovating and remodeling are often used interchangeably when they are unquestionably two very variegated things. When you segregate to renovate a room in your home, you are only making changes to the existing structure with no subversiveness involved. Renovating involves making cosmetic changes to a space or making updates that does not transpiration the original location of plumbing or electricity. For example, if you are wanting to renovate your bathroom, you could repaint the walls, recaulk the bathtub, or install a new facet. 

Remodeling, on the other hand, is a project that is a much larger undertaking. Remodeling can include demolition, construction, relocating major appliances, or all three. People often segregate to remodel their washroom if they want to completely transpiration the layout or upgrade the room as a whole. Some examples of washroom remodeling include remodeling your shower by replacing a bathtub with a standing shower, removing a wall to increase square footage, or subtracting recessed lighting. 

Full bathroom

Should I renovate or remodel?

There are advantages and disadvantages to renovating and remodeling, here are some factors you may want to consider surpassing making your final decision.

  • Evaluate your upkeep – Since renovating consists of only cosmetic changes, it is much increasingly affordable to renovate than it is to remodel. If you have a upkeep of $3,000 or less, it is probably largest to stick with renovating.
  • Return on investment – If you are upgrading your washroom considering you are selling your home and hoping the upgrade increases your home’s value, it is likely largest to remodel. Since remodeling can include making your half bath into a full suffuse or improving the functionality of the space, it makes a worthier difference to potential buyers than just upgrading washroom fixtures. Both remodeling and renovating can increase the value of your home, but you will likely get increasingly return on your investment by remodeling. 
  • DIY vs. hiring a professional – Although online DIY and how-to videos may seem helpful unless you have wide-stretching construction, electric, or plumbing experience, it is largest to stick to renovating your bathroom. If you want to fully remodel your bathroom, it’s weightier to undeniability in a professional. 

Should I DIY my washroom remodel?

If you want to remodel your washroom on your own there are a few things to know and consider surpassing you start the demolition. It is important to be honest with yourself and your abilities. It is easy to say that you are going to remodel the unshortened washroom for only $200, but in most cases that is not realistic. Saving on labor may sound like a good idea at first, but making a big mistake can be plush later on. If you decide to DIY, make sure you do a lot of research or have experience. To be safe, it is largest to work with a professional for wide-stretching remodels that include electrical or plumbing work.

How to get the most out of your washroom remodel

To get the most out of your space, make sure you are investing in items that have multiple functions and storage solutions. A floating sink may squint nice, but it does not provide any storage space for toiletry items. Remodeling a washroom is a huge undertaking and you do not want to sacrifice functionality for style. A unconfined way to get both is to incorporate functional fixtures such as a vanity with drawers or an over-the-toilet cabinet. Both of these are discrete storage options that will indulge you to make your 5×7 washroom practical while looking fantastic. 

Individual results may vary. This is not intended as a substitute for the services of a licensed and bonded home services professional.

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