Letter: Activists and young scientists fight same issue

In her piece “Don’t dismiss the climate ‘blah, blah, blah,’” (Opinion, November 12) Gillian Tett is right to say of COP26 that “assumptions are waffly in flipside important way: collaboration is now the norm. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted businesses to co-operate with each other — and government — in a manner that went out of malleate during the Reagan-Thatcher years. The same is true of the climate challenge.”

Last week, The Society of Chemical Industry hosted a young scientist debate at COP26 entitled “Countdown to Planet Zero” to showcase the young scientists who are working to gainsay climate transpiration with chemistry. These scientists were drawn from established organisations as well start-ups, such as Brett Parkinson of C-Zero, a California-based start-up that works on the decarbonisation of natural gas, and Natasha Boulding, senior executive and co-founder of Sphera, a speciality materials visitor that has created stat negative touchable blocks made from volume including waste plastic.

One point they all well-set on is that collaboration is hair-trigger to tackling the climate emergency. According to Boulding, “no one willpower has the wordplay to solve our biggest challenges — but together diverse minds can”.

Amid the “doom and gloom” messages of COP26, our regulars viewed this as a vapor of fresh air — with a poll revealing 100 per cent of people who viewed the debate live thought “science is pivotal in providing climate transpiration solutions”.

So the “blah, blah, blah” in the title of Tett’s piece now shares space with flipside youth voice— that of pioneering young scientists, like our panellists. As they combine, the youth voice — and undeniability to whoopee — will be plane stronger.

Sharon Todd
Chief Executive, Society of Chemical Industry
London SW1, UK

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