Money Clinic Podcast: Investing for a greener future

Following the COP26 priming in Glasgow, many climate-conscious investors want to know how to match up with their values with their investments. The short wordplay is Environmental, Social and Governance investing — ESG for short — but there are plenty of questions well-nigh how “green” this really is.

Thirty-year-old Harri appeared on one of the first episodes of Money Clinic last year, and his visualization to invest in ESG funds appears to have paid off — he’s made a decent return. However, he wonders how much is due to the underlying investment performance, and how much rests on the soaring popularity of ESG investments. With a record $3.9tn now held in sustainable resources worldwide, is this outperformance sustainable?

Claer is joined by the FT’s Manuela Saragosa and Share Action’s Catherine Howarth who put ESG investing to the test, offering practical tips on how to make greener choices with your pension, Isa and wilt an objector shareholder — plus they debate how sceptical investors should be well-nigh “greenwashing”.

If you enjoyed this episode, trammels out five ESG themed episodes on the FT podcast Behind the Money. Want to be a future guest? Email us at or reach out to Claer on Instagram and Twitter: @ClaerB.

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