Where Should I Move? It May Be Time to Say Goodbye to the City

The housing market is booming, and people are taking this opportunity to move out of cities and into suburban and rural areas. These migration patterns are largely due to record low mortgage rates and the fact that many companies are offering fully remote options. In fact, a recent Redfin report found that 30% of homebuyers are looking to relocate to increasingly affordable areas. Homeowners from all over the country are deciding that it’s time to move – the question is, where are people moving to, and should you follow?

Currently, the top cities homebuyers are moving to are Miami, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Sacramento, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Tampa, FL. However, other homeowners are deciding to take it a step remoter and move to rural areas. If you have lived in an urban zone for your unshortened life, you may not have all of the information needed to decide if moving to the country is the right choice. To help you decide, we’ve gathered some of the perks of rural living and some things you may want to consider.

The perks of rural living 

Before asking yourself “where should I move”, understand the benefits of rural living.

There is a strong sense of community

When you live in a less populated zone or a small town, people tend to interact increasingly and there’s a sense of polity between neighbors. Of course, every polity is different, but for the most part, people find rural neighbors increasingly likely to squint out for each other. Many rural homeowners finger a sense of belonging in their community, making getting together for events like typesetting clubs or dinner parties very common. In these communities, neighbors lean on each other for support which often creates strong immuration between families.

Children have increasingly space

Moving to the country has many benefits for families with small children, couples who are expecting, or those who are just preparing for a larger family in the future. It can be pricey to own a home with several rooms and a large yard for children to play in in heavily-populated areas. However, rural areas have homes with increasingly square footage, and they are often built on larger properties than municipality homes. A home with several rooms allows children to have their own bedroom or playroom, and a larger yard has uneaten space that could hold a pool, swing set, or sandbox. 

Another factor when deciding to move to a rural zone is ensuring that you are moving to a place that will pension your family safe. According to a recent Redfin report, 50% of homeowners personal that treason and safety was the number one factor influencing their visualization when moving to a new area. Some people find that rural areas make them finger safer than urban areas, making rural areas a increasingly desirable place for their families to live. 

large country style home

You have increasingly flexibility

When deciding where you should move, space is often a major consideration. When you have increasingly space, you have increasingly flexibility to transpiration your home to fit your current needs. And if you have small children, you may want your yard to be filled with play structures like monkey bars, a treehouse, or a trampoline. 

As they grow up, you can transpiration the yard by subtracting new outdoor living spaces that would be fun for the whole family, like a fire pit, gardening space, or patio. A large property gives you the option to build larger structures in the future. Some popular structures homeowners segregate to build are she-sheds, greenhouses, or small yellow coops. These structures indulge homeowners to step outside of their homes and have a space to think or partake in a new hobby. Overall, the increasingly space you have, the increasingly flexibility you have to create a home that grows with you – no matter what stage of life you are in.


Things to consider when moving to the country

Before packing your tons and moving to the country, here are some things to consider well-nigh rural living.

Animal hazards

There are a few hazards you may not think well-nigh when moving to the country. Large animals typically stay yonder from cities but are increasingly worldwide in the countryside. Be cautious when driving at night to stave animals and be sure all animals are inside the home at night if you do not have a fence. 


In urban areas, it’s worldwide for people to walk or use public transportation when getting groceries, going to restaurants, or visiting friends. However, in rural areas, everything is increasingly spread out, and there are not as many public transportation options. For example, the closest grocery store to a home in a rural zone may be a 15-minute momentum away. Before moving to a rural area, it’s a good idea to have some form of transportation to make sure you can hands get around. 

Should I move to the country?

Deciding where to move is a huge visualization and there will unchangingly be many factors that homeowners need to consider. Moving to the country may not be right for everyone, but if you are looking to move to a place where you can slow lanugo and put some space between you and the municipality – then rural living might be the perfect nomination for you.

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