10 Affordable Portland Suburbs to Consider Buying a Home In

Home to increasingly microbreweries than any other U.S. municipality and the world’s largest independently owned bookstore, it’s no wonder well-nigh 652K people reside in Portland, Oregon. However, if you’re looking to buy a home and Portland’s median sale price of $535,000 is out of your upkeep – don’t worry! There are, thankfully, plenty of affordable Portland suburbs near the municipality that may be a unconfined fit for you and your household.

As you uncork to search for the right home and apply for a mortgage, consider these 10 affordable suburbs within driving loftiness of Portland that you can move to today. That way, you can still commute to Portland if you work in the municipality and don’t have to miss out on everything that keeps Portland weird. 

Median home price: $378,150 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 25 minutes

With a median home sale price of $378,150, well-nigh $150,000 less than Portland, Fairview is the most affordable Portland suburb on our list. The population of Fairview is significantly less than Portland, at 10,424 residents, and is just under 30 minutes yonder from downtown. Living in Fairview, you’ll have tropical wangle to the Salish Ponds Wetland Park, a lovely escape to enjoy nature. This suburb is moreover home to Blue Lake Regional Park and Chinook Landing Marine Park where you can reservation trappy views of the Columbia River. 

Median home price: $440,950 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 15 minutes

Vancouver, Washington is Portland’s second most affordable suburb. While located in Washington state, it lies just wideness the Interstate Bridge and 15 minutes from the municipality center. Notable activities in Vancouver are visiting Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and walking or wanderlust withal the Waterfront Renaissance Trail. When living in this suburb of 190,915 people, you can moreover spend time exploring the Pearson Air Museum. Due to its tropical proximity to Portland, Vancouver is moreover a unconfined place to live if you need to make a daily or weekly commute into the municipality center. 

Median home price: $450,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 25 minutes

Driving 25 minutes yonder from the municipality will land you in the suburb of Troutdale. With a population of 16,300, you’ll have a small town finger all while stuff worldly-wise to visit Portland in your self-ruling time. If you decide to undeniability Troutdale home, make sure to visit Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site to fish withal the Sandy River and spend time exploring the world-class outdoor recreation areas of the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood.

oxbow regional park in gresham oregon with clouds and trees on the shoreline

Median home price: $450,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 30 minutes

With homes near the same price as Troutdale, but with a slightly longer momentum to Portland, Gresham lands at the fourth spot on our list. Well-nigh 114,247 people live in this Portland suburb, where you’ll find Nadaka Nature Park & Garden, which features a playground, polity garden, and nature trails. Don’t forget to trammels out the kayaking at Oxbow Regional Park or fish withal the Sandy River Gorge.

Median home price: $450,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 40 minutes

40 minutes yonder from downtown Portland,  you will find the suburb of Newberg. With 25,138 people living in this affordable town, Newberg is a unconfined option to consider when looking to stay relatively tropical to Portland without paying the premium for a home in the city. In Newberg, you’ll find numerous wineries and George Fox University. Don’t forget to stop by Rogers Landing once you move here, a voyage zone withal the majestic Willamette River. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll make friends with a resident that owns a boat.

Median home price: $465,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 30 minutes

A recognizable suburb of Portland is Aloha, where nearly 54K residents live and the home prices are well-nigh $70,000 less than in the city. From The Reserve Vineyard & Golf Club to checking out Harvey the Giant Rabbit, a unique art installation, there’s many activities to do and see in Aloha, making it a unconfined suburb to consider moving to.

blue house with white trim in affordable portland suburbs

Median home price: $475,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 15 minutes

Claiming the seventh spot on our list of affordable Portland suburbs is Milwaukie, which is well-nigh 15 minutes yonder from the heart of the city. Home to the largest and oldest Dogwood tree and 21,119 residents, moving to Milwaukie will requite you a small town finger just outside of Portland. If you’re going to undeniability this affordable suburb home, plan time to explore Elk Rock Island and the Milwaukie Bay Park. 

Median home price: $498,500 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 30 minutes

If you’ve lived in Portland for a while, you may know someone who has moved to Gladstone. Well-nigh 12,017 residents undeniability this affordable suburb home, so you’ll have a fraction of Portland’s population while staying tropical to the city. Make sure to visit Meldrum Bar Park, High Rocks Park, and Dahl Beach Municipality Park once you move to Gladstone. 

Median home price: $505,000 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 15 minutes

Beaverton, Oregon is a unconfined place to consider moving to that will get you wangle to downtown Portland in just well-nigh 15 minutes. Well-nigh 97,494 people live in this affordable small suburban town, but you’ll be surrounded by nature to explore in your self-ruling time. Attractions in Beaverton include exploring Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Lowami Hart Woods. Beaverton is moreover home to the Nike Global Headquarters.

Median home price: $531,550 
Driving loftiness from Portland: 35 minutes

Last but not least on our list of affordable Portland suburbs, is Sherwood. If you’re lucky to stave traffic, it’ll only take well-nigh 35 minutes to momentum into Portland. Sherwood has a population of 20,450, significantly less than Portland’s population. Home to Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and a variety of wineries, you’ll have plenty of activities to explore during your self-ruling time. 


Affordability based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Portland and under a 40 minute momentum from downtown Portland. 

Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during October 2021. 

Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau

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