Lilly Pulitzer VIP Birthing Suites Offer Moms A Luxury Experience

While giving lineage is whimsically glamorous, iconic malleate and lifestyle trademark Lilly Pulitzer seeks to transpiration this with a recently revealed a VIP birthing suite at Good Samaritan Medical Center, which is part of The Palm Beach Health Network. Lilly Pulitzer’s own granddaughter was born at Good Samaritan so it only makes sense to pass withal the Lilly lifestyle to other families welcoming a new addition. It’s moreover a perfect place for photo opps.

While this is certainly a luxurious place to requite birth, families are moreover treated to the highest quality care. That’s considering Good Samaritan Medical Center is the recipient of a Healthgrades 2020 Labor and Delivery Excellence Award. This stardom places the hospital in the top 10 percent of all medical institutions evaluated.

Naomi Seymour, MSN, MSM, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at Good Samaritan Medical Center tells me, “Lilly Pulitzer is an iconic resort wear trademark that represents Palm Beach luxury, comfort, and quality, which are the same services provided to families that unhook at Good Samaritan Medical Center, part of the Palm Beach Health Network. We wanted to create a wonderful birthing wits for our patients, and with families having a well-spoken idea of what they want from their birthing experience, we knew Lilly Pulitzer was the right partner to bring this feeling to life.”

Give Lineage In Luxury

The VIP suite features a variety of Lilly Pulitzer prints throughout the space including a trappy headboard with a matching comforter withal with pink pillows and sheets. A medley of throw pillows rounds out the look. 

The trundle moreover features custom sheets with a matching onesie for the victual to take home. Moms moreover receive special gifts for staying in the suite including a robe, swaddle set, and tote bag.

Forget industrial hospital furniture. Adjacent to the bed is a wood and marble nightstand that looks as if it belongs in a tony Palm Beach bed and breakfast. 

The waterfront view rooms moreover full-length wainscoted walls accented with aqua and white wallpaper. There’s plane an upholstered glider decorated with a throw pillow and blanket. Beautifully accessorized, the oval standing mirror makes this a well-appointed spot for new moms to nurse.  

All the practical and stimulating details of the space were well thought out. For example, there’s a sitting zone for families with a plush sofa as well as a handwashing station with white tiling, gold hardware, and a mini-fridge.

However, snacks and meals are strictly gourmet in the VIP suite considering the room plane comes with a special supplies menu that has succulent treats including jumbo shrimp cocktail and lobster tails.

All of the Lilly Pulitzer prints in the room were specifically chosen for this project, says Seymour. “[They] were selected to bring an uneaten dose of color, joy, and optimism to families spending their first moments together in this special place.”

The Bathroom

While hospital bathrooms aren’t exactly known for stuff upper end, the washroom in the Lilly Pulitzer VIP Suite is hands mistaken for that of a seaside hotel. White and untried textured tiles round out the Lilly squint and truly compliment the gold faucets, hardware, and mirror frame.

There’s moreover no harsh hospital lighting. Rather, there are mannerly sconces over the sink and lots of windows for natural light. A brightly printed shower curtain closes off the generously sized step-in shower. 

Book It Now

Seymour tells me that increasingly than 30 families have once delivered in the two suites since opening in May 2021. Priced at $750 a night, the rooms are currently booked through July 2022. “The reservations pension coming,” she says.

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