6 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do Before The Year Ends

Do you want more out of your career and life in 2022? Here’s a huge secret any successful salesperson will tell you: Nobody at the top is winging it. Nobody making huge sales is waking up each day without a plan. The clients and money and opportunities you want are not coming to you—EVER. It’s your job to go get them.

I’m a huge parishioner in preparation, planning, and effort. I don’t teach tricks or shortcuts in my courses or to the teachers who work for me—I teach what got me where I am today: Hard work and proven techniques that get results. If you’re ready to really step things up and crush your goals in the year ahead, you need to plan. Here’s a six-step To-Do List to well-constructed by the end of the year that will set you up for success in 2022:

1. Reflect on your growth.

Did you hit your goals for 2021? Why or why not? What regrets do you have or lessons did you learn?

2. Use tonight to plan tomorrow.

Every day unquestionably begins the night before; That’s when you get ready to hit the ground running. If you wait until you wake up each day to think well-nigh what you need to do that day, you’re once wasting time! Planning is simple, but it works; Think well-nigh the mom who sets her kid’s outfit out the night surpassing for picture day, or the bodybuilder who meal preps for the week superiority to stave eating bad things—those people are planning superiority for success. I consider December one big Sunday, so use it to plan what you need to do in the year ahead.

3. Create markets.

Great salespeople don’t react to the market—they create one. Go knock on doors, make calls, meet with buildings, and nurture your relationships with developers and other agents.

4. Begin resulting outreach. [This is the big one!]

Set a goal number of people to meet every day (yes, I said every day) and stick to it. Leads don’t come to you—you find them. When you multiply your daily goal number by 365, it’s easy to see how this simple task can completely transform your merchantry over the undertow of one year.

5. Spend on Marketing.

Pop quiz: Which social platforms have the most ROI for your target market and target clients? If you don’t know, find out! Don’t just throw money out there without doing the research. Spend money on the things that matter, in the places that matter. Be the one who people think of considering they saw your ad on Facebook, got to know you through flipside local trademark you partnered up with, or plane just considering they loved the homemade desserts at your unshut house.  

6. Build your brand.

Selling luxury real manor is what I do; My brand is what I am. People don’t remember me as “the guy who sells apartments” considering there are 1,000,000 other guys who sell apartments; They remember me as the guy they see on TV, writing articles, making YouTube videos, and filming Podcasts—my media presence is my brand, and it’s what separates me from other agents. Everyone has their “thing” outside of what they sell that makes them memorable to clients.

What’s yours?

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