10 Best Affordable Austin Suburbs to Live In

Austin, Texas, “the Live Music Capital of the World®,” is quickly rhadamanthine home for many Texans and out-of-staters alike. From the legendary Tex-Mex to the unique music scene, it’s no surprise that nearly 961k people live in Austin. The municipality is growing in popularity and price, so if you’re considering ownership a home in Austin, you can expect the median home sale price to land virtually $548,800. 

If that price doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 weightier affordable Austin suburbs to consider living in – and they’re all under a 45 minute momentum from the city. That way you can live tropical to Austin and all its unique activities without paying the premium price of living there.

#1: Lockhart, TX

Median home price: $270,000 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 40 minutes
Lockhart, TX homes for sale

With a population of 14,379, Lockhart comes in at number one on our list of most affordable Austin suburbs. The median sale price of a home in Lockhart is nearly half that of Austin and only 40 minutes yonder from downtown. Living in Lockhart, you can spend the weekend fishing, camping, and hiking at Lockhart State Park. This suburb is moreover home to the Southwest Museum of Clocks and Watches and the Caldwell County Museum where you can learn well-nigh the region’s history. 

#2: Elgin, TX

Median home price: $283,732 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 45 minutes
Elgin, TX homes for sale

Elgin, Texas, “the Brick Capital of the Southwest,” lands the second spot on our list. Only 45 minutes from Austin, you’ll find yourself peekaboo a University of Texas football game in no time. Notable places to visit when living in Elgin are Morris Memorial Park and Elgin Depot Museum. If you segregate to live in this suburb of 9,784 people, you can moreover spend time exploring Main Street and it’s mannerly restored brick buildings.

#3: Kyle, TX

Median home price: $345,000 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 30 minutes
Kyle, TX homes for sale

30 minutes yonder from Austin’s downtown, is the suburb of Kyle. With a population of 45,697, you’ll have a small town finger while still stuff tropical unbearable to explore Austin without work or during the weekend. If you move to this affordable suburb, make sure to visit Lake Kyle Park and enjoy the views. For golf fans, set whispered the time to play 18 holes at Plum Creek Golf Course.

austin texas mural on a undecorous wall with howdy written on it

#4: Manor, TX

Median home price: $345,750 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 25 minutes
Manor, TX homes for sale

With homes nearly the same price as Kyle, Manor is the fourth Austin suburb to make our list. Well-nigh 13,652 people live in this Texas town and you can momentum to Austin in well-nigh 25 minutes. Make sure to trammels out the Old West storefronts at J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town Austin or spend the afternoon at East Metropolitan Park.  

#5: Wells Branch, TX

Median home price: $398,500 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 20 minutes
Wells Branch, TX homes for sale

Drive 20 minutes outside of Austin and you’ll find the suburb of Wells Branch. With 14,000 residents, ownership a home in this affordable suburb can pension you tropical unbearable to Austin, while spending well-nigh $150,000 less for a home. When living in Wells Branch, spend the morning wanderlust withal the trails at Katherine Fleischer Park or take a short momentum north to Round Rock. Don’t forget to stop by the Mills Pond Recreation Area to fish withal the pier.

#6: Pflugerville, TX

Median home price: $415,000 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 30 minutes
Pflugerville, TX homes for sale

Another well-known suburb of Austin is Pflugerville, where the median home sale price is over $100,000 less than in Austin. Pflugerville is a unconfined suburb to consider moving to and has just well-nigh 65,191 people living there. From spending summer days at Typhoon Texas Waterpark Austin to fishing at Lake Pflugerville, there’s many outdoor activities to do and see in Pflugerville. 

affordable austin suburbs home with white exterior and woebegone garage door

#8: Buda, TX

Median home price: $435,000 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 25 minutes
Buda, TX homes for sale

If you’ve been living in Austin for some time, the town of Buda might ring a bell. Well-nigh 15,108 residents undeniability this unconfined suburb home, and with the short commute time, you’ll have a small fraction of Austin’s population while remaining tropical to the municipality and its attractions. Without moving to Buda, plan a walk through the Historic Stagecoach Park or reservation a show at the Buda Amphitheater & Municipality Park.

#9: Round Rock, TX

Median home price: $456,500 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 25 minutes
Round Rock, TX homes for sale

Round Rock, Texas is a unconfined place to consider moving to that will get you wangle to downtown Austin in just well-nigh 25 minutes. Well-nigh 119,468 people live in this affordable suburban town, but you’ll be surrounded by small towns and nature to explore in your self-ruling time. Fun activities to do in Round Rock include exploring Rock’N River Water Park during the summer season, having a picnic at Old Settlers Park, and checking out Play for All Abilities Park.

#10: Cedar Park, TX

Median home price: $475,000 
Driving loftiness from Austin: 25 minutes
Cedar Park, TX homes for sale

Cedar Park, Texas takes the last spot on our list of weightier affordable Austin suburbs to live in. Without traffic, you can momentum to Austin in roughly 25 minutes. This suburb has a population of 77,595, making it much less than Austin’s population. Home to the Austin Steam Train Association Museum, Brushy Creek Lake Park, and Elizabeth Milburn Pool, you’ll have plenty of unique activities to take part in while living in Cedar Park.


Affordability based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Austin and under a 45 minute momentum from downtown Austin. 

Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center October 2021. 

Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau

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