10 Affordable Seattle Suburbs to Consider Buying a Home In

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Updated on December 7th, 2021

As the rookery of Starbucks and home to the oldest continuously operating farmer’s market in the country, it’s no wonder well-nigh 740,000 people live in Seattle, Washington. However, if you’re looking to buy a home and Seattle’s median sale price of $799,995 is out of your budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of affordable Seattle suburbs near the municipality that may be a unconfined fit for you and your household.

As you uncork to search for your dream home and apply for a mortgage, be sure to consider these 10 affordable suburbs all within driving loftiness of Seattle. That way you can explore all Seattle has to offer, from Pike Place Market to Lake Union, without having to pay the premium of living there.

Median home price: $500,000 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 25 minutes

With a population of 31,454, SeaTac clinches the number one spot on our list as the most affordable Seattle suburb. The median sale price of a home in SeaTac is nearly $300,000 less than Seattle and under 30 minutes yonder from downtown. Living in SeaTac, you’ll be tropical to SeaTac Airport for all your future travels and tropical to Angle Lake and Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden for scenic nature views. 

Median home price: $557,500 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 25 minutes

Des Moines, Washington is the second most affordable suburb on the list. This suburb is the  same loftiness from Seattle as SeaTac, you can hands momentum to The Emerald Municipality in no time. Notable places to visit in Des Moines are Saltwater State Park, where you can take in the views of the Puget Sound, and MaST Part-way Aquarium. When living in this suburb of 32,888 people, you can moreover spend time exploring the six miles of shoreline. 

Median home price: $573,250 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 20 minutes

Driving 20 minutes south of the municipality will land you in the suburb of White Center. With a population of 16,631, you’ll have a small town finger while still stuff worldly-wise to explore Seattle in your self-ruling time. Due to its tropical proximity to Seattle, White Part-way is moreover a unconfined place to live if you need to make a daily or weekly commute into the municipality center. 

pike place market with cloudy skies in the municipality of seattle

Median home price: $575,000 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 25 minutes

Slightly increasingly expensive than White Center, Burien lands the fourth spot on our list. Well-nigh 52,066 people live in this Seattle suburb, where you’ll find Seahurst Park. While at Seahurst Park, make sure to explore the hiking trails or have an afternoon picnic at the beach. Don’t miss checking out the six miles of shoreline that Burien has to offer.

Median home price: $580,000 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 25 minutes

Drive 25 minutes outside of Seattle and you’ll find yourself in the suburb of Kent. With 136,588 residents, moving to this affordable suburb can pension you tropical unbearable to Seattle, without paying the premium for a home there. In Kent, you’ll find views of Mt. Rainier and the Green River. Don’t forget to stop by the Hydroplane & Race Boat Museum or take a jog through Lake Fenwick Park.

Median home price: $599,000 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 20 minutes

Another well-known suburb of Seattle is Tukwila, where the home prices are well-nigh $200,000 less than in the city. Tukwila has well-nigh 21,798 residents and is a unconfined suburb to consider moving to. From The Museum of Flight to the city’s 17 parks, there’s something for everyone in Tukwila.

aerial waterfront view of affordable seattle suburbs

Median home price: $600,000 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 20 minutes

Claiming the seventh spot on our list of affordable Seattle suburbs is Mountlake Terrace, which is roughly 20 minutes yonder from the municipality center. With a population of 21,286, relocating to Mountlake Terrace will requite you a small town finger with a mannerly downtown, while still stuff tropical to Seattle. If you’re going to undeniability this affordable suburb home, plan time to explore Ballinger Park and throne to the Tour de Terrace festival during the summer. 

Median home price: $647,500 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 25 minutes

If you’ve lived in Seattle for a while, chances are you know of someone who has moved to Renton. Well-nigh 106,785 residents undeniability this affordable municipality home, so you’ll have a fraction of Seattle’s population while remaining tropical to the municipality and its attractions. Once you move to Renton, make sure to visit the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, walk withal the trails at Gene Coulon Memorial Waterfront Park, and swim in the wave pool at Henry Moses Aquatic Center.

Median home price: $732,000 
Distance from Seattle: 20 minutes

About 58,608 people live in this affordable small suburban town, but you’ll be surrounded by areas to explore in your self-ruling time. Popular things to do in Shoreline include exploring its many parks such as Echo Lake Park, Richmond Waterfront Saltwater Park, and Boeing Creek Park.

Median home price: $768,500 
Driving loftiness from Seattle: 30 minutes

Edmonds takes the last spot on our list of affordable Seattle suburbs you’ll want to consider moving to. If you’re lucky to stave traffic, it will only take well-nigh 30 minutes to momentum into the heart of Seattle. This suburb has a population of 42,853, making it significantly less than Seattle’s population. Home to Cascadia Art Museum, Marina Waterfront Park, and Edmonds Ferry Terminal, you’ll have plenty of activities to explore during your self-ruling time.


Affordability based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Seattle and under a 30 minute momentum from downtown Seattle. 

Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during October 2021

Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau

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