Chartwise Women: Investor Sentiment – The Cycle of Market Emotions

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On this week’s edition of Chartwise Women, Erin and Mary Ellen discuss the trundling of market emotions and how they’re unauthentic by current events. They share what they’ve learned well-nigh investor sentiment and the tools used to gauge it.

This video was originally unconcentrated on December 2, 2021. Click on the image whilom to watch on our secure Chartwise Women page, or click this link to watch on YouTube. You can moreover view new episodes – and be notified as soon as they’re published – using the StockCharts TV on demand website,, or its respective apps on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android and more!

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New episodes of Chartwise Women air on Thursdays at 5pm ET on StockCharts TV. Archived episodes of the show are misogynist at this link.

Erin Swenlin

About the author:
is a co-founder of the website withal with her father, Carl Swenlin. She launched the DecisionPoint daily blog in 2009 slantingly Carl and now serves as a consulting technical reviewer and blog freelancer at Erin is an zippy Member of the CMT Association. She holds a Master’s stratum in Information Resource Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology as well as a Bachelor’s stratum in Mathematics from the University of Southern California.

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Mary Ellen McGonagle

About the author:
is a professional investing consultant and the president of MEM Investment Research. After eight years of working on Wall Street, Ms. McGonagle left to wilt a skilled stock analyst, working with William O’Neill in identifying healthy stocks with potential to take off. She has worked with clients that span the globe, including big names like Fidelity Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer.
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